In May of 2021, my life was horrendous.  I had ended a 38-year marriage and my health was horrible.  I had emotional and physical pains – in my head, neck, shoulders, upper back, wrists, hips and my left foot.  I’d been to the ER twice for exhaustion and they found nothing.  I’d worked with traditional and alternative healers for three to four decades including functional doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and nothing worked.  I had outpatient surgeries and procedures on my back, left wrist and left foot – no improvement.  I spent thousands of dollars and my health and happiness continued to decline.  I couldn’t sleep and was exhausted and guess what else was horrendous – the way I languaged my life!

One day I walked into a presentation about the Quantum Leap Technique and I saw the leader transforming people with his words!  He woke me up to the power of my words!  I followed up with him, Mark Scherer, the CEO, Founder and Lead Coach at Encompass Life (EL) and he made me aware of how my words were creating my life – my mess of emotional and physical pain.  So, I took EL’s “Basics of Conscious Living” class and it transformed my life.

I went from being exhausted to enthusiastic and exuberant; from being a coward to being courageous; from pain to being playful and from being retired to being refired.  I continue embracing conscious living and completed my coaching training with Encompass Life. I love helping people transform their lives with the power of their consciousness.

My Background

I started my career as a teacher and coach!  I transitioned to business as a programmer with the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for 14 years and received my MBA.  I moved to life coaching for a couple years and went back into corporate work as a training manager at a high-tech manufacturing firm.  After this, I joined an international IT consulting firm as a professional development/human resources manager.  My current work as a transformational coach blends all my talents, knowledge and skills beautifully.


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